United Apartment Group values our partnerships with all vendors and contractors. It is our mission to provide you with a mutually beneficial and rewarding partnership. United Apartment Group is committed to reducing the risk of the communities we manage and we would like to engage partners who share this commitment. Whether you are a long term United Apartment Group vendor or a new partner, we request that you complete a 2 step process:

Step One


Compliance Depot

We have teamed up with Compliance Depot to manage the process of ensuring our vendors meet our insurance and other business requirements.

Benefits of working with Compliance Depot:

  • · Any United Apartment Group managed community or other Property Management Company working with Compliance Depot will be able to see your vendor listing, which will increase your visibility that can lead to potential new business.
  • · Compliance Depot will work directly with your insurance agent(s) and store all documents in a common place.

You will need to go complete the vendor credentialing process with Compliance Depot prior to providing services to any UAG managed community. For more details and benefits, please click on the Register Now or Compliance Depot Link below.

Step Two


Ops Technology

As a United Apartment Group vendor you will need to join the Ops Technology vendor community. Ops Technology will open your business up to online orders from our communities, electronic invoice submission, and visibility into the status of your invoices. Joining this community will provide your business with greater sustainability and greater efficiency in billing. How is Ops Technology beneficial to you?

  • · Save money invoicing all of your Ops Technology customers online, no longer spend time sending invoices by mail, filing and storing invoices, correcting invoice errors and following up on late payments. All of your invoices are received instantly by the community.
  • · Vendors can pull order, invoice and other detailed reports at the click of a button.
  • · Full visibility into the invoice payment status details

For more details and benefits, please click on the OpsTechnology link below.